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We are Mobile Home Specialists who specialize in buying and selling mobile or manufactured homes in mobile home parks and on land. We work with buyers who are searching to find affordable housing in mobile home communities or affordable homes on land. We also work with homeowners who need to sell their mobile homes or trailer. If you are looking to buy or sell and need to move your mobile home, we have a partner network that can service your needs.


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Mobile homes provide the most affordable option for homeowners today. Because of the lower price point than traditional real estate, many families or young people just starting out can have a piece of the American Dream for a fraction of the cost. Also, for older couples or individuals looking to downsize, mobile homes offer 55+ buyers a simplified living arrangement. If you are new to mobile homes and do not know how it works, click the link to view the ‘Buying Process‘ to learn about the mobile home buying process.

No matter where you fall in this group, the common goal is to find a home that is affordable and Metro Affordable can help you do just that! Because we know not everyone can purchase with cash nor can line-up financing so easily, Metro Affordable provides mobile home buyers resources to get a mobile home financed or we may also offer seller-financing or owner-financing options. Join our private Facebook group, Your Metro Affordable Mobile Homes to get updates when listings become available. Be sure to answer the question and agree to group rules to be automatically accepted into the Facebook group.

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Mobile homeowners often try to sell their homes themselves. While this does work for some, most are not successful because they are not familiar with the process, how to price the mobile home, nor are they familiar with how to get quality leads.

Other mobile homeowners may turn to real estate agents, hoping they can get help to sell their home, only to find their home sitting on the MLS for months. This is because most real estate agents are not knowledgeable about mobile homes nor do they understand how to find buyers. Manufactured homes are handled differently than real estate sales.

This is where Metro Affordable Mobile Homes come in, we are licensed to conduct brokered manufactured home sales and can assist any homeowner with the sale of their mobile home. In some cases, we will buy your mobile home for cash.

If you need to sell your home and want to get a cash offer, click on ‘Sellers‘ to fill in your info about the home you would like to sell. When you fill out the form, we will get a notification and will contact you to discuss how we can help.


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We are constantly adding to our inventory to keep your with a steady flow of options.

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