Summers Warns Inflation Cannot Reach 2% Without a Recession

The article discusses the potential for high inflation during the summer of 2023. It is expected that inflation could reach five percent, which would be the highest in almost a decade. Other economic conditions, such as the labor market and wages, could also contribute to this inflation. Despite this, economists think a major downturn is […]

Fassil Bank in Bolivia Approaching Liquidation as Trouble Increases

Fassil, one of Bolivia’s largest banks, is facing liquidation due to its inability to meet the requirements laid out by the Bolivian Central Bank. The bank has faced numerous financial issues since 2017, and has been unable to attract outside investment. Fassil has already started the process of liquidation, which could have widespread effects on […]

Biogen Introduces Innovative ALS Therapy with Qalsody

Biogen Inc. recently released Qalsody, a new treatment for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). This drug is the first of its kind to target the root cause of the disease instead of just managing symptoms. In clinical trials, patients taking Qalsody showed significant improvement in their motor function and better overall quality of life. Qalsody is […]

The Cost of Elite Nurseries is Higher than the Annual Salary of Half

The UK’s top nurseries cost an average of £30,000 a year, five times more than the average fee, and more than half the population earns in a year. Many nurseries have waiting lists, and parents are spending more on childcare as they are unable to stay at home or are opting out of the UK’s […]